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We cannot choose how we feel, we discover how we feel.
What we can choose is what we do about how we feel.
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    On Being
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    Our Changing World

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    Worst Things to Say
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    Welcome to
    Empowering People!
    Empowering People offers informative and stimulating classes and workshops that help participants achieve effectiveness and satisfaction in their relationships and in their work worlds through increased awareness and esteem. Past offerings include The Logic of Feeling, Getting Beyond You vs. Me, Why Relationships Succeed or Fail, and The Real Facts of Life.

     Why Relationships Succeed or Fail 
    What constitutes a successful intimate relationship and what gets in the way? 
    Learn to recognize significant "red" and "green flags" and effective ways to deal with them.
    Saturday, August 14th, 1:00 - 5:30pm
    We invite you to join us in this well-received workshop. Class description and registration.

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    Stephen E. Linn, Ph.D. 

    Stephen E. Linn, Ph.D.
    I am the counsellor and instructor. In both the therapy room and the classroom, I help people learn to deal with anxiety, depression, and stress, and to take the very best care of themselves. I also specialise in relationship and communication issues. 
    In my view, people are typically not evil, sick, or defective, but misinformed and suffering from a wide variety of unhealed wounds. My premise is that emotional expression that is choked down does not go away. Instead, unless and until we have completed that expression—in its fullness—we remain wounded and our lives remain disturbed. 
    In order to heal, we need clear information, to finish “unfinished business,” and to learn and become competent in the communication skills. My classes and workshops are designed to provide clear information as well as instruction and practice in the communication skills. And fortunately, stifled expression (primarily, but not solely “pain”) yearns for completion and Organic Process Therapy, a form of Primal Therapy, which I have been practising for 21 years, facilitates this completion.
    I earned my doctorate in Clinical Psychology (1985) at Duquesne University, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where I studied existential-phenomenological psychology (psychology as a human science). After working as a psychologist for six years at a Community Mental Health Clinic, also in Pittsburgh, I was a licensed psychologist in private practice for 17 years. Since 1994, I have been practising as a counsellor in Vancouver, British Columbia. 
    I’ve also earned an M.A. in General Psychology (1969), at Pepperdine University, and a Bachelor of Industrial Design (B.I.D., 1956) at Syracuse University. I have written two books:

    I Am What I Am! Essays on Being Human (1994) and
    I Am What I Am! Essays on Relationships (1997).
    Upcoming Classes for
    October • November • December
      • Overcoming Loneliness 
      • The Real Rules 
      • Dealing With Disappointment 
      • Dealing With Conflict 
      • Setting Boundaries 
    Your questions and comments are welcome.
    Send email to: empower@whidbey.com

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